It's official!

What a journey the last 20 months has been. We would like to thank every one of you; individuals, brands, influencers and customers. All of you helped Limited Run reach this epic milestone!


First and foremost, we would like to thank all those who have entered the challenge thus far and submitted your sneaker shots. For those who have not thrown up a post yet, check out the blog post HERE to find out how you can take part in our challenge. 

As promised, we indicated more information regarding the challenge and Grand Prize will be announced once we hit 20K. 

So here it is: 

We will run the challenge for another 2 weeks (so there will be 4 weekly challenge winners). 

  • Week 1 winner: @santjie_ (UK8)

  • Week 2 winner: @cocothepoet (UK8)

  • Week 3 winner: @aakifahslarmie (UK5)

  • Week 4 winner: @nathi.msimanga (UK7)


    Once the 4 weekly challenge winners have been decided (by YOU), they will all be given the opportunity to choose one pair of Jordan 1 retros in their size for RETAIL

    Which AJ1s you ask? 

    We recently ran a poll on our Instagram requesting our followers to vote for their favourite AJ1s of 2020 (recent releases were not included in the poll. But hey, they're easier to come by... for now :) ) .

    The results came in and these were your favourite AJ1s of 2020:

    These highly coveted colourways, as voted by you, will be available to the weekly challenge winners for purchase at their recommended retail price. 

    The recommended retail prices are as follows:

    • Court Purple – R1999.00 for Grade School sizes (UK3-6 GS) and R2499.00 for adult sizes (UK6-10) 

    • Royal Toe – R1999.00 for Grade School sizes (UK3-6 GS) and R2499.00 for adult sizes (UK6-10)

    • Pine Green – R1999.00 for Grade School sizes (UK3-6 GS) and R2499.00 for adult sizes (UK6-11)

    • Light Smoke Grey – R2499.00 for adult sizes (UK6-11)

    • UNC to CHI – R2499.00 for adult sizes (UK3-9) 



      But that's not all... 

      The 4 weekly winners will advance into the challenge finals. Each finalist will need to submit another photograph and the winner of the Grand Prize will be determined by the engagement on your entry post on our feed as was done for each weekly winner (comments will however not count for the finals). The final challenge winner will earn their pair for FREE and in addition, will have the option to sell the pair back to us at our pre-determined RESELL price as per pricing on our website once we restock all the pairs. Sizes of certain colourways we will be willing to cash out at R10 000

        Prices will range according to size (generally bigger sizes are more costly to source and thus carry a higher market price... generally). Our cash out prices (based on your size) will be as follows:

        • Court Purple: R5 500 – R10 000

        • Royal Toe: R5 500 – R10 000

        • Pine Green: R5 500 – R10 000

        • Light Smoke Grey: R7 000 – R9 000

        • UNC to CHI : R5 800 – R10 000


          Stakes are high, if you haven't submitted your entry yet, don't sleep! You don't wanna miss your shot at grabbing one of these highly sought after pairs for retail and possibly cashing out R10 000. 

          Thank you for sharing this incredible milestone with us.

          Onwards and upwards!